The next best thing to home....

Villa Rarotonga

Tumutevarovaro - Rarotonga

I travel very little, in fact only if I have to - I hate leaving home and my family - but the best thing about going away that I get to come home to Rarotonga.  On the plane ride home I get very excited, like I am going somewhere new for the first time!  Here is where I am happiest and for your short stay here I hope you too will be just as happy!   There are many reasons to visit any destination and here are 10 reasons why you should visit the Cook Islands.  By number 5 you will be booking tickets and packing your bags - if you aren't then keep reading till you get to the end!  Whatever the reason for your visit, there is something here for EVERYONE!   Get booking!- see you all soon. 

2. Friendly people

You cannot help but fall in love with the Cook Island people.  We are very friendly and warm people. Our friendliness, smiles and laughter is what lures people to come back to Rarotonga time and time again.  We are natural entertainers and love to entertain friends and family.  We are all about family and you will find that during your stay here on the island you will become part of someones family here!  

7. Sea,Sand and...........snorkelling!

Just a short walk from your home or a short 5 minute drive in either direction will take you to some of the best snorkelling spots on the island.  The snorkelling here is awesome. Whether you are a advanced diver or a beginner snorkeler you will enjoy our beautiful waters and the fish that make it their home.  Be sure to bring reef shoes and sun screen with you - they are a must!

3. Fresh is best!

The world seems to have added a new category of food - they call them Super foods!  But to us here its just normal food. We are so lucky to have a abundance of fresh fruit, vege and best of all fish. Food here just taste better, nothing beats fresh.  We Cook Islanders love our food and all our activities somehow revolve around food - and when you are here so will yours!  The best kept secret about the Cook Islands is the abundance and range of fresh food.  There is so much fresh food just minutes from your door step.  During your stay here on the island be sure to sample our wonderful range of Island food that will send your taste buds tingling.  

You cant help but smile when you see this lovely photo of Nane and Lydia!

"Smile and the world smiles with you!!" 

6. Great for famlies!

Every family needs a holiday, sometimes we have parents who leave their kiddies with grandparents and come for a bit of R n R but we also have LOTS of families who just need some quality family time and Rarotonga is a great place to do just this!  Its safe, nearly all of the restaurants are child friendly, so friendly in fact that do not be alarmed when the staff come to take your child away for cuddles and to show off to the other diners while mum and dad enjoy their dinner :-)   

5. scenery

Every moment is a Kodak moment!  Rarotonga is a very beautiful island.  From the mountains to our lagoons be sure to do alot of sightseeing and take it all in.  

1.  Small Island - easy to get around!  

Think of the island as one big resort - A short 5 minute drive in any direction will pretty much get you to where you need to go!  The main island Rarotonga is 32kms right around (1 hour leisurely drive) so getting around by bus, bicycle, moped or feet is easy (maybe not the whole 32kms by feet!)  If you dont feel like driving, then catch a bus.

4. Lots to do!

It doesnt matter what kind of traveller you are, thrill seekers or just looking to relax and unwind there is a activity for you! From exploring the mountain tops with Raro Safari tours, Yoga, or stand up paddling (or you can combine both the yoga and stand up paddling!) there is lots to do.  If you not sure what is out there just ask us we would be happy to help recommend something!