"Tamataora" in Cook Island Maori means Fun!  There are lots of fun things to do , either on your own, with your family or in a group.  Your holiday is what you make it, you can either join the rest of the tourists and fill your days with tours, visits and lots of sightseeing but sometimes the best experiences are those you have on your own and dont cost a thing.  There are lots of things you can do on your own and one I recommend is a dinner or early morning coffee at Blackrock just down the road from Villa Rarotonga, coffee on the beach and watch the day break in, having  a meal with your family on the beach or enjoying a sunset......or two!  But if you feel like seeing some of what the island has to offer here are a few things to get you started. 

A lagoon cruise with Captain Tama's aboard the glass bottom boats is the best way to go about it and enjoy our fantastic Rarotongan activities. Cruise on the glass bottom boat to the marine reserve for some awesome snorkelling with giant clams and heaps of colourful fish. 

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Raro Safari Tours

The best 1/2 day tour on the island!! Great way to see some beautiful sights from up in the mountains, great lunch, awesome tour guides and a fun day out.  A definite must do!

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One of the best things about island living is  the fresh food that is available!!  While here why not take a fishing trip out.  We recommend our guests take a trip out with our friends Chantal and friends aboard the Marlin Queen!   Tours are about 4 hours on the beautiful ocean, and when the work is done you can have fresh sashimi, nice wine and a great story to tell!!  

The bible says "For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy." 

Regardless of what religion you are a visit to any church on the island is guaranteed to be a beautiful and uplifting one.  The Sunday school children singing is bound to lift the spirits of anyone attending.   All visitors welcome.

The next best thing to home....

Villa Rarotonga

There is actually nothing nicer than getting out on a bike, no destination in mind and just cycling around the island, stopping to take in the sights and seeing the island at a slow leisurely pace.  Not only do you get to enjoy more of the islands beauty you can also keep up your fitness and also work off all that island food you will no doubt try while you are here. 

If a bicycle sounds like you then we recommend booking your 2 wheeler with Ride Rarotonga.  They have everything from high performance machines to comfort and kids bikes.  Whatever your needs are, Ride Rarotonga can help - they can also deliver your bike right to your door!  

"Tamataora" - Fun

Pas Cross Island Trek

Cross the island of Rarotonga and explore the rugged interior.This is Pa’s special domain – the mountain – his temple! 
The hike leads up the valley and across the island under a canopy of native trees to a steep 400 meter ascent of the Needle. 
See ancient ceremonial stone, pictographs on the face of the Needle and hear legends of the ancient Polynesians. Pa will explain how our different plants have been used through time for medicinal purposes

Highland Paraidises multi award winning, Wednesday and Friday sunset cultural nights, include hosted roundtrip transport, expert guides, village cultural immersion experiences, marae visit, a tapu lifting, warrior welcome, cocktail, underground oven (umu) feasting like you have never experienced and spectacular stage show telling the story of our ancient heritage through singing, dancing and drumming.
The dancers, musicians, chefs, barmen and guides are all descendants of Ariki (High Chief) Tinomana and are proud to be part of the extended family which brings this mountain village back to life and keeps it alive – for you!

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