Villa Rarotonga

Tokerau Jim - A talented Cook Islander who produces stunning jewelry. A master at what he does, going to Tokeraus store can be a all day event as its too hard to pick your piece.  Locally made, using pearl shells from the island of Manihiki - you are guaranteed a stunning piece.  A beautiful Rarotonga momento.  Tokerau has his main store in Matavera, about 25 mins drive from Villa Rarotonga and also has one at the Saturday Punanga Nui markets

"Aere Mai, Aere tatou Oko Oko"  Simply translated it means "Lets go shopping!"    No matter the destination, a little retail therapy is always good!  Whether you are buying for  yourself or for friends back home there is something for everyone!  I always encourage my guests, friends and family to buy local.  By buying local you supposrt the families that make these products, your money goes into the pockets of hard working locals who provide a friendly service and genuine home made island product.

Shop around as they say!   A short drive from Villa Rarotonga is Avarua (town) and it is there you will find many shops where you can pick up almost anything.  However also take the time to drive around the island as you will find some gems.  Here are a few of my favourites..................... 

Saturday Punanga Markets - Located about 10 mins drive from Villa Rarotonga. Great place to watch some island dancing, have waffles, island food, buy fresh local fruit and veges and get some nice gifts! 


Pareus by Mariana - A pareu is one of those garments that suit the island weather and there are about a 100 ways you can tie them.  From everyday wear to a elegant night out there is a pareu out there for you!  To find  Marianas pareu - the best I can tell you is drive to town, carry on through town another 2 mins and you will see Marianas sign and pareus out.  They cost $20 and are simply beautiful. 

Little Red Gallery - located across the road from the Saturday Punanga Nui Markets. They dont have set opening hours, so if you pass by and they are open stop in!  They sell the most beautiful soap.  Mango, pawpaw, gardenia,Vanilla bean and much more.  They also have some lovely paintings too which make great gifts. 

The next best thing to home....