The next best thing to home....

Villa Rarotonga

There are alot more  restaurants  just down the road from Villa Rarotonga but I will leave those for you to discover and enjoy! All the restaurants in our area are child friendly so if you have little ones there is sure to be something on their menus!  

Kikau Hut

3-5 mins stroll from Villa Rarotonga

Open evenings from 6pm

For bookings call 26860.

The Tumunu Restaurant & Bar

5-8 mins stroll from Villa Rarotonga


Owned by friends Julie and Eric Bateman you will find Tumunu a lovely place to enjoy dinner, drinks or a evening with friends.  They serve a great seafood platter!  

​For bookings call 20501

Anchorage Restaurant and Bar

5 mins stroll from Villa Rarotonga

Close to home and nice place for dinner. 

Blackrock Bakery - A great place to get your morning bread, donuts or if you feeling like something sweet then head to the bakery! Located a short 4-5 minute walk from Villa Rarotonga its a short walk to pick up some bakery delights! 

The word "Kai" in Cook Islands Maori means food and "Kaikai" means to eat.  We islanders love our food and alot of our activities revolve around food and so will yours while you are here!  There is a lovely selection of restaurants within 5-12 minutes walk from Villa Rarotonga and just to name a few here are some of the delightful places you can dine at!