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Villa Rarotonga


About my family..............

Born in New Zealand and raised on Rarotonga with my sister by our mother, I have lived nearly all of my life on this beautiful island.  We are a family of 5 - Myself, my partner Alex and our girls Dayna, Courtney and Ella.  Dont forget my mum or nanny as she is affectionately known and is a big part of Villa Rarotonga -without her its madness!   Having travelled a little bit (little....) I am always happy to come back home to Raro as it is where my family is and where I am happiest.   For me I am not just Rarotongan, I am a part of Rarotonga just as she is and always will be a part of me.  I  look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful island and wish you a wonderful holiday!

                                   Dayna & Courtney            Mum (right) and                                                                               her cousin Ani

Kia Orana!

Matou - About us

Kia Orana! 

When I hear these words I know I am in the company of loved ones or that I am home here on Rarotonga.  Simply translated it means "May you live on" but it means so much more.  It tells you that you are in a place like no other.  In the company of happy and friendly people.     So I say Kia Orana to you and welcome you to our home.  Whatever the reason for your island getaway, I am sure we can help make your stay a great one at Villa Rarotonga.